• Client:The Reseach Collections and Preservation Consortium
  • Location:Princeton, NJ
  • Architect:KSS Architects

Book Storage Facility (Modules 8 & 9)

Completed in September of 2013, Irwin & Leighton constructed ± 68,000 SF of similar book storage facilities in two new environmentally-controlled buildings (Modules #8 and 9) including the renovation of ± 3,500 SF of the existing Processing Center while building a ± 2,500 addition to expand this hub of ReCAP’s sophisticated inventory and retrieval system.

Key Highlights:

Protection of existing module book storage facilities and books

Maintenance of existing climate control system in existing modules

Construction of “super flat” floors to accommodate high bay storage units

Extensive coordination of in rack sprinkler and HVAC system work and the rack structure

Our Sector Knowledge


Irwin & Leighton has over 100 years of experience in the Educational sector managing projects on all areas of an academic campus.