Virtual Design Construction

Virtual Design Construction (VDC) & Technologies

Irwin & Leighton uses the latest Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) technology to continue as an industry leader of the Construction Management/General Contracting sector. We maximize the use of technology in our everyday work, company-wide. Specifically, we use it for Document Management, Project Planning, Project Visualization, Communication, Estimating, Pre-Construction Coordination, Construction ValidationScheduling, Post project virtual tours, etc. Staying at the forefront of today’s latest technology is one of I&L’s highest priority in today’s everchanging A/E/C landscape. 


Everyday Application 

Irwin & Leighton believes that our biggest value/resource within Virtual Design and Construction is our employees with their training and application of said technologies. We make it a point to hire only the brightest minds and to make sure that they receive the proper on-going training. Their confidence in applying this training and their experience makes for a collaborative workspace both internally and externally with experts in the industry. 

Our office utilizes more than just BIM practices but industry leading technology in our project management software, estimating software, virtual tour software and accounting technology. We prioritize the application and efficient use of leading technology throughout the company starting with the Officers/Leaders of Irwin & Leighton. The use of this technology has not only enabled a more seamless flow of information in and out of the company but also within our office walls allowing access to accurate/up to date information in real time. 


Building Information Modeling (BIM) 

As has become common practice in the A/E/C industry, Irwin & Leighton utilizes BIM on 90% of our projects.  

The design team develops BIM models starting in the Schematic Phase of design.  Those models are continuously developed throughout the lifecycle of the project with an emphasis on early design analysis when possible.  By analyzing the model early on we avoid costly changes during construction.  

Our BIM models become an integral part of the process by assisting with Visualization, Communication, Estimating, Coordination, Scheduling and Construction.  I&L prioritizes BIM as a central and integral part of project planning which gives us the ability to be more efficient before construction, during construction and after project completion 

We have dedicated BIM personnel with 20+ years of industry experience.  We are always using the most current BIM authoring software to keep pace with rapidly changing technology enhancements.  BIM has become a central piece of our approach to long term relationships and building even stronger relationships and buildings. As this technology continues to grow I&L continues to adapt and grow with it by making on-going training and application a necessity day in and day out. 


Benefit to our Customers 

Irwin & Leighton has seen many benefits to utilizing all the technology we have adopted over the years and the benefits to our customers has been the biggest. It has allowed for a free flow of information between the entire team, owners, architects, engineers and I&L as well as giving a sense of peace of mind to our customers in that they are getting exactly what they are paying for. It has helped in saving money both in the short term and in the long by finding and alleviating issues before construction begins. It has allowed immediate flow of information and conversation to speed up both project timeline and give a clear and concise view of all expectations. The biggest benefit has been utilizing this technology to build our customers the best possible outcomes that will last many, many years into the future. 


Additional Benefits to using VDC & T: 
  • Provide visual outputs to help project stakeholders visualize their project 
  • Pre-Construction Coordination helps eliminate conflicts between trades saving time and money during construction 
  • Construction validation with 3D Laser Scanning 
  • Improved Communication 
  • Higher speed of response 
  • Cost saving methods 
  • Safety