Building Safely Since 1909


Beginning with our bid preparation and planning through Subcontractor Prequalification and selection, continuing with vigilant monitoring every day by every team member, safety guides every decision and action that we make as an organization. Our successful approach is proven in our Safety Record as a company.  

All Irwin & Leighton superintendents are 30-Hour OSHA certified and CPR/AED/First Aid certified. In addition, all project managers are 10-Hour or 30-Hour OSHA certified. We provide and encourage employees to participate in ongoing safety training on a regular basis to ensure the absolute safest environment possible on all of our project sites.  

Irwin & Leighton is committed to an accident and incident free environment.  


A selection of ways that Irwin & Leighton ensures a continually safe work environment:

  • Mandatory monthly safety training for all operations staff 
  • Safety Orientation for jobsites 
  • Weekly Job Safety reports
  • Safety Inspections 
  • Continuing Safety Certification 
  • All jobs are overseen by a Safety Director