• Client:Princeton University
  • Location:Princeton, NJ
  • Architect:Jacobs Wyper
  • Delivery Method:GMP

E-Quad J209 Laboratory Renovation

The Engineering Quadrangle (EQuad) Lab J209 Renovation project involved demolishing multiple labs to create a larger and more open thermodynamics & fluids teaching lab which includes an independent study area, a laser cutter lab, and a staff office. The project included new HVAC, lab gas & domestic plumbing, electrical, and lighting systems to serve the new space along with new metal casework, workstations, and millwork as well as aluminum-framed storefronts between the lab and the corridor.

Key Highlights

Successfully coordinated system shutdowns and loud construction activities within an occupied building

Coordinaed material/equipment deliveries with limited storage space on site

Coordinated installation of new mechanical systems in and amongst existing systems

Project Duration: 2 Months

Contract Type: Lump Sum

Architect: Jacobs Wyper

Project Experience


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