• Client:Princeton University
  • Location:Princeton, NJ
  • Architect:Jacobs Wyper
  • Delivery Method:GMP

E-Quad J209 Laboratory Renovation

The Engineering Quadrangle (EQuad) Lab J209 Renovation project involved demolishing multiple labs to create a larger and more open thermodynamics & fluids teaching lab which includes an independent study area, a laser cutter lab, and a staff office. The project included new HVAC, lab gas & domestic plumbing, electrical, and lighting systems to serve the new space along with new metal casework, workstations, and millwork as well as aluminum-framed storefronts between the lab and the corridor.

Key Highlights

Successfully coordinated system shutdowns and loud construction activities within an occupied building

Coordinaed material/equipment deliveries with limited storage space on site

Coordinated installation of new mechanical systems in and amongst existing systems

Project Duration: 2 Months

Contract Type: Lump Sum

Architect: Jacobs Wyper

Project Experience


Irwin & Leighton has managed more than 8 million sf of construction for the educational sector. We have completed countless fast track projects over the “summer break” and have built over 3500 beds in new state of the art residence halls over the last 15 years. As well, we also specialize in constructing new dining halls and serveries, laboratory space, classrooms, libraries, performing arts space and more. We understand the complexities of building and renovating facilities within busy occupied campus settings and excel at being valuable team members!