• Client:Princeton University
  • Location:Princeton, NJ
  • Architect:R.G. Vanderweil, LLP

Jadwin Hall Renovation

Irwin & Leighton provided preconstruction and construction services for the phased renovation of Princeton’s Physics building, Jadwin Hall. The work encompassed ±240,000 SF of office, classroom, laboratory, and mechanical spaces. The scope included new interior finishes; an upgraded telecommunications infrastructure; a new fire protection system; replacement of the H.V.A.C.systems; installation of new energy efficient lighting; replacement of all perimeter windows; replacement of the existing electrical substation; and construction of a ±8,000 SF penthouse to house the new mechanical equipment. The building remained occupied throughout the entire construction phase.

Key Highlights:

Phased replacement of existing M.E.P. systems while maintaining service to all occupied spaces

Demo of existing mechanical penthouse and construction of a new one while maintaining the existing H.V.A.C. service

Sensitivity to dust, noise and vibration on ongoing experiments in the occupied building

Coordination of work with professors in regards to experiments, studies and exam periods

Our Sector Knowledge


Irwin & Leighton has managed more than 8 million sf of construction for the educational sector. We have completed countless fast track projects over the “summer break” and have built over 3500 beds in new state of the art residence halls over the last 15 years. As well, we also specialize in constructing new dining halls and serveries, laboratory space, classrooms, libraries, performing arts space and more. We understand the complexities of building and renovating facilities within busy occupied campus settings and excel at being valuable team members!