Safety Program

Safety is a primary focus for Irwin & Leighton’s operations. The goal of the Company’s Safety Program is to establish and maintain safe working environments on all of our project sites. We take a proactive approach that makes safety the responsibility of every I&L person involved with a project. At I&L, we believe that a great construction company not only develops a solid safety plan but takes its implementation very seriously.

Irwin & Leighton’s Safety Program is reinforced in several important ways:

  • A Safety Committee, composed of office and field personnel, regularly reviews the Safety Program and makes recommendations for improvement to I&L’s management.
  • The Safety Committee is supplemented by a Safety Focus Group consisting of I&L’s senior management. The Safety Focus Group meets regularly and maintains oversight of the implementation of Irwin & Leighton’s Safety Program.
  • Project Superintendents complete weekly job site safety surveys and report their findings to the Officers.
  • Irwin & Leighton’s general liability insurance carrier visits each major project quarterly at a minimum and reports its findings and recommendations directly to Irwin & Leighton’s Officers.
  • Project Superintendents are required to be OSHA 30-hour certified. Project Management personnel are required to be OSHA 10-hour certified.
  • Supervisory personnel are also trained and certified by the Red Cross in First Aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The CPR certification is renewed annually.