I & L Crew at Fort Dix, NJ - 1917

Founded in Philadelphia in 1909 by Messrs. A.D. Irwin and A.O. Leighton, the company’s earliest activities involved the construction of military facilities, initially at Fort Dix and Gettysburg, and soon thereafter throughout ten states, as well as Canada.

The Fidelity Trust Building - 1928

Through the remainder of the first half of the century, Irwin & Leighton’s work expanded to the private sector and its growth paralleled the changing dynamics of the country. Its accomplishments include landmark industrial, educational and retail facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

In 1956 Messrs. Irwin & Leighton sold the company to their employees. Since then, the firm has maintained a unique ownership structure whereby its stock is held exclusively by key employees, thereby providing meaningful opportunities and motivation for professionals to excel which results in outstanding service to its customers.

Irwin & Leighton’s celebrated its 100th Anniversary in 2009. As part of our celebration, we published a special commemorative book entitled Our First 100 Years. The book highlights a selection of the many pioneering projects Irwin & Leighton is proud to have partnered in since its founding in 1909. Links to PDFs of the various chapters of the book are below. If you would like a copy of Our First 100 Years, please contact us.

Irwin & Leighton – Our First One Hundred Years

Foreward and Introduction

Chapter 1: A Great Partnership Begins

Chapter 2: Breaking Ground – 1909-1929

Chapter 3: Perseverance and Responsiveness – 1930-1949

Chapter 4: The Pivotal Years of the First Transition – 1950-1959

Chapter 5: Broadening Expertise and Relationships – 1960-1969

Chapter 6: A Decade of Dynamic Growth – 1970-1979

Chapter 7: Retooling for the Future – 1980-1989

Chapter 8: Cementing and Expanding Relationships – 1990-1999

Chapter 9: Vibrant and Ready for the Future – 2000-2009