Sanofi Pasteur
Swiftwater, Pennsylvania

Escalator Facility Addition

Designed to connect two buildings at substantially different elevations, the addition houses a custom-built 70-foot-long escalator, improving the communication and flow of personnel between the process facility buildings and, in the event of an emergency, egress from each building.

Architect:  EwingCole
Sanofi Pasteur Escalator Building
Sanofi Pasteur Escalator


Vaccine Development Laboratory

Built in an occupied operating laboratory facility around tight site constraints, the end use of this new ±15,000 SF laboratory is to aid in the development of influenza vaccines. The project included biologic safety laboratories (BSLs); two new BSL Class 3 labs and five new BSL Class 1 labs. Class 3 laboratories are those used to work with the most hazardous of materials and organisms. Included in the scope of work was extensive mechanical and electrical work; installation of new AHUs and chillers (“rigged” through existing facilities); substanial laboratory equipment including lyophilizer, autoclave and bag house filtration facilities; laminar flow hoods; and a new ethanol storage facility.

Architect:  Stantec Consulting
Sanofi Pasteur Vaccine Development Lab Sanofi Pasteur Vaccine Development Lab
Sanofi Pasteur Vaccine Development Lab

Additional Projects for Sanofi Pasteur

Slee Building Renovations

Retrofit existing building for new office and administrative use

Architect:  Charles Matsinger & Associates
New Vaccine Development Biology Laboratory Renovations

Upgrade existing space for reuse as a vaccine development laboratory

Architect:  Stantec Consulting
Building #38, Flammable Liquid Storage Room

Addition for isolated storage and containment of flammable liquid products

Architect:  Stantec Consulting

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