Saint Joseph’s University
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lannon and Rashford Residence Halls

Prominent additions to the University’s campus, the two new residence halls on City Avenue totaled ±170,000 SF and included parking areas underneath each building. Construction was completed in less than ten months time with a strong focus on MBE/WBE participation.

Architect:  Burt Hill Kosar Rittlemann Associates
City Ave Residence Halls Dorm Room City Ave Residence Halls Dorm Room City Ave Residence Halls Common Areas City Ave Residence Halls Lobby City Ave Residence Halls


Science Center Renovation

The phased renovation of Saint Joseph University’s Science Center consisted of new teaching laboratories, research laboratories, classrooms, and offices for the Biology, Chemistry and Physics departments. The scope also included extensive mechanical, electrical, audiovisual, and data system upgrades and a new fire protection system.

Architect/Engineer:  Cecil Baker & Associates (Phase I) and Ballinger and Bala (all other phases)
Organic Chemistry Lab General Chemistry Lab
Phase I – Organic Chemistry Laboratory
Phase II – Two General Chemistry Laboratories

Graduate Biology Research Lab Physics Computer Lab
Phase III – Biology Research Laboratory
Phase III – Physics Computer Laboratory


Phase IV

Renovation including mechanical, electrical and plumbing service upgrades and the upgrading of various classrooms, teaching labs, offices and storage rooms on four floors and in the Penthouse, ± 35,000 SF.

Biology Research Lab Chemistry Research Lab
Phase IV – Biology Research Laboratory
Phase IV – Chemistry Research Laboratory

Physics Research Lab Biology Plant Growth Room
Phase IV – Physics Research Laboratory
Phase IV – Biology Plant Growth Room

Chemistry Storage Room
Phase IV – Chemistry Storage Room


Phase V

Renovation, ± 14,000 SF

– Renovation of faculty offices on three floors;
– New Commons Seminar Room
– Replacement of AHU-3 and all duct work
– New transformer and substation
– New emergency generator

– New fire pump
– New fire protection throughout entire building
– New ceilings and lights in all corridors
– New casework in specific common spaces.

Commons Seminar Room New Transformer
Phase V – Commons Seminar Room
Phase V – New Transformer

AHU Installation New Switchgear
Phase V – Typical AHU Installation
Phase V – New Switchgear

Fire Pump and Controller DX Unit for Dual Purpose AHU
Phase V – New Fire Pump and Controller
Phase V – DX Unit for Dual Purpose AHU


Phase VI

Renovation of three lecture halls including architectural finishes and the installation of a new DX air handling unit, ± 6,500 SF.

Phase VII

HVAC and HHW Upgrades

Phase VIII

Lab renovation, roof replacement and installation of a green roof.

Additional Projects for Saint Joseph’s University

Landmark Americana Tap & Grill

Conversion of former retail space into a new family restaurant and bar on the Saint Joseph’s University campus.

Architect:  Blackney Hayes Architects
Boland Hall Renovation

Renovation of existing two-story administrative office space including architectural changes to room layouts; ADA and life safety improvements; and upgrades to the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems.

Architect:  McIntyre-Batchelor-Capron

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