The Research Collections and Preservation (ReCAP) Consortium, Princeton, New Jersey

Situated on Princeton University’s Forrestal Campus, the ReCAP complex is a high-density, environmentally-controlled facility that safely stores and preserves important but rarely used books and other materials for the Consortium’s members – Princeton University, Columbia University, and The New York Public Library. It also provides an inventory and retrieval system for easy and secure access to the items. The Consortium, through it’s representative, Aegis Property Group, chose Irwin & Leighton to provide preconstruction and construction services for two recent projects on the site.

New Storage Facilities (Modules #8 and #9) and Processing Center Addition/Renovation
Construction of two new high-density, environmentally-controlled shelving facilities or “modules”. Modules #8 and #9 are ±35,000 SF and ±33,000 SF, respectively. In addition, a ±3,500 SF portion of the existing Processing Center is being renovated and expanded with a ±2,500 SF addition.

Architect:  KSS Architects
New Storage Facility (Module #5)
Construction of the module included super flat concrete floors, a humidification system, an intricate system of 40-foot-high book racks and an upgrade of existing building services, ± 28,000 SF.

Architect:  KSS Architects


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