Lockheed Martin Corporation

Irwin & Leighton has provided services for Lockheed Martin Corporation and its antecedents, RCA, General Electric, and Martin Marietta, for over 100 years at various locations. Our most recent projects include:

Space Systems Additions/Renovations, Newtown, Pennsylvania

The project scope included two additions – a High Bay for antenna systems testing and a multipurpose meeting facility known as The Patriot Center. Also included were renovations to connect the additions to existing buildings on the campus. The Patriot Center achieved LEED Gold certification; the High Bay achieved Silver certification.

Architect:  STV Architects, Inc.
Lockheed Martin, Patriot Center Lockheed Martin, Patriot Center Lockheed Martin, Patriot Center Lockheed Martin, High Bay


Astro Space Division, Office and Antennae Test Facility
East Windsor, New Jersey

New ± 90,000 SF building with site utility upgrade

Architect:  The Hillier Group
Lockheed Martin Office Facility

Additional Projects for Lockheed Martin Corporation

National Office Renovation, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

Building D, Third Floor Renovation

Engineer:  Genesis Engineers
Aegis Ashore Phase II, Moorestown, New Jersey

Foundations and sitework for the Aegis Ashore Deckhouse Support Facility

Engineer:  Stout & Caldwell Engineers
Building #142 Omega Tower, Moorestown, New Jersey

New steel tower for equipment testing, installation of new chillers and electrical service, and renovation of the Bay 2 area into offices.

Architect:  Highland Associates
Graphic Arts Center, Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

Renovation of existing warehouse space into a graphic arts center to accommodate a relocated printing press.

Architect:  Wulff Architects
Lithium Ion Battery Test Laboratory, Newtown, Pennsylvania

Renovation of an existing battery testing area inside a clean room environment. The work involved installation of a new smoke exhaust system and cooling components as well as new floors and ceilings.

Architect:  STV Architects, Inc.
Solar System Test and Engineering Site (SolSTES) Test Facility, Moorestown, New Jersey

New full-scale, functional solar collector assembly, 100 meters long and three stories high, consisting of highly reflective mirrors and solar receivers.

Architect:  Stout and Caldwell
CCXL/DDX Laboratory Renovation, Moorestown, New Jersey
Architect:  Owner
Near Field Test Facility, Moorestown, New Jersey

Renovation including anacoic chamber for radar testing antenna

Architect:  Robert E. Lamb, Inc.
Deck House, Moorestown, New Jersey

Expansion for high-tech naval radar testing facility

Architect:  STV Inc.
Office Building Renovations, Moorestown, New Jersey

Interior renovations

Architect:  Buckl Architects


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