The Ford Motor Company

Irwin & Leighton’s long history and relationship with The Ford Motor Company began just over a century ago soon after I&L’s founding in 1909.

At the turn of the century, Henry Ford’s mass production assembly line revolutionized the manufacturing industry. As The Ford Motor Company emerged as a leading and innovative organization, a strong, enduring relationship was formed between Irwin & Leighton and The Ford Motor Company. Over eleven decades, I&L has built numerous projects for Ford throughout eight states and Canada.

It is believed that Alexander Irwin, one of the founding partners of Irwin & Leighton, knew Henry Ford personally and that Mr. Irwin patterned the firm’s Philadelphia office on Race Street in an “open” plan similar to the one used in Ford’s Detroit headquarters.

Irwin & Leighton’s Ford projects include:

New Electronic Control Module Manufacturing Facility, Lansdale, Pennsylvania

The new building incorporated manufacturing and administrative spaces (± 600,000 SF and ± 100,000 SF respectively) and included locker rooms, security, full-service kitchen, servery, and dining room.

Architect:  Ballinger
Ford Manufacturing Facility Ford Manufacturing Facility


Additional information on Irwin & Leighton’s long relationship with the Ford Motor Company can be found in our 100th Anniversary book, in Chapter 2: Breaking Ground – 1909-1929 and in Chapter 8: Cementing and Expanding Relationships – 1990-1999.


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